UAE & Serbia


Relations between the UAE and Serbia officials have been established immediately after unification in 1971. Continuity of economic relations between Serbia and UAE dated from 17th of February 2013. when Interstate Agreement of Cooperation has been signed. The importance of the agreement signed between the two countries is reflected in the opening of opportunities for improving economic cooperation and a series of joint economic projects which realization started in a recent years. It is rare case that economic relations are placed in front of the political as it is the case with Serbia and the United Arab Emirates.


United Arab Emirates and Serbia Business Club was established in November 2019 by the initiative of the UAE Embassy in Serbia and the most reputable companies from the UAE and Serbia.

Our Business Club is a non-governmental and non-profit association founded to achieve the goals of promoting economic and other forms of cooperation between the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Serbia powered by most prominent corporations from both countries.


Our mission is to create high profile business community, in which our members, who think alike and share interests, are in constant search for better and more beneficial solutions staying open to new business opportunities.


Our vision is to be forward-thinking and cutting-edge organisation, strive to remain relevant to our members and partner with them to provide an exceptional network for high value thought leadership and business dialogue.

Welcoming message of H.E. Mubarak Saeed Al Dhaheri, Ambassador of the UAE to in Serbia

It is my great honor to greet you on behalf of the United Arab Emirates and Serbia Business Club and to welcome you to the official website of this business association.

I am really proud that our successful bilateral state and economic cooperation, as well as close and friendly connections between our two nations have encouraged the establishment of this prestigious business club as a crown of our extraordinary mutual relations.

UAE and Serbia Business Club is a place for more intensive meetings and networking of our business people, a platform where important information from the world of business, culture and society is gathered, but also a place where our common ideas are created and implemented.

With the UAE and Serbia Business Club as a joint venture of the two countries, our mission is to continue building a strong and promising future of bilateral economic cooperation, developing the economies of both sides, but also encouraging joint ventures and joint projects on the third markets.

We are looking forward to our common success!

“United Arab Emirates and Serbia, two nations deeply rooted in tradition, while embracing other cultures and open for new ideas, are getting to know each other better every day. Through this better acquaintance, we have recognised our similarities and our complementarities that are resulting in successful bilateral state and economic relations. Highly respected companies from United Arab Emirates and Serbia, together with United Arab Emirates Embassy in Belgrade, and with other institutional partners, are joining forces, through our United Arab Emirates and Serbia Business Club, to support further development of relations between our two countries by regular exchange of information, knowledge and experience. I am honoured to be part of this endeavour and I welcome you to join us on our path to grow stronger together. ”

Nikola Mihailovic

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the UAE and Serbia Business Club and CEO of Mirabank

“Having the UAE as a strategic partner, both business and state affairs wise, is a great privilege and a great opportunity. UAE plays a pivotal and a powerful role in the Global Economy as well as a supreme leading role in the area of innovative technologies. When one has a trustworthy partner, interested in strengthening business and state relationships, one’s mission is simple and clear: nurture your relationship with the trustworthy partner. ”

Sanja Radlovacki, MSc MBA EdS

Executive Director of the UAE and Serbia Business Club

Our respected members