The United Arab Emirates provides significant aid to developing countries and has been a major contributor of emergency relief to regions affected by conflict and natural disasters. The fundamental purpose of UAE aid is to reduce poverty and help those in need, and the UAE has been a crucial global donor throughout the years.

By 2019, the OECD ranked the UAE, for six consecutive years, the world’s largest humanitarian assistance donor.

The UAE Embassy in Belgrade on behalf of the UAE Government and its humanitarian organizations, is constantly providing assistance to the institutions and people of Serbia.


The UAE set up a fund named ‘The Fund of the United Arab Emirates: Homeland of Humanity’ to unify the national efforts to combat the illness. The UAE provided humanitarian aid to many countries to help them fight the illness.

An aid plane carrying approximately 10 tonnes of medical supplies was dispatched to Serbia on March 29, 2020. The supplies enabled the medical staff to perform safely their professional duties in combating the coronavirus’ spread.